Weight Loss Shakes For Women : Weight Loss Smoothie

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weight loss shakes for womenWeight loss shakes for women contain protein powder and for many women the thought of a protein shake conjures up an image of body building. Fortunately that is not the case with weight loss shakes.

Designed to help control the appetite weight loss shakes came in many flavors and helps recover from a vigorous workout, repairs muscles and suppresses the appetite. For many years shakes were associated with body building, they now have a place in the dieter’s life as a convenience food.

Weight loss shakes for women contain protein powder, usually soy or whey, which is a product of a cheese making process. Different flavors are added to make it more palatable when mixed with water. A dietary guide as to how much protein women should consume a day is around 46 grams. Protein shakes usually contain around 40 grams, so while they are beneficial, it is important to still have a healthy high protein diet.

Women who have a busy lifestyle find that using weight loss shakes is a healthy and nutritious way to increase their protein intake. Unfortunately there isn’t enough fiber in a shake to be beneficial so combining the shake and a healthy diet is recommended.

As in most things in life, there are pros and cons, so too is it with weight loss shakes. They are designed to be consumed as a substitute for one meal a day, sometimes two; however it is important to eat quality food from the basic food groups during the day as well.

Weight loss shakes are designed to help keep your energy levels up and helps to keep you feeling full so that you don’t consume too many calories in a day. In theory, using shakes to replace some meals, cuts down on the consumption of too many calories, therefore you should lose some weight.

The shakes come in large containers, designed to last a few weeks and they can be quite expensive. If you are contemplating using weight loss shakes for women, first work out how much you are prepared to spend on them and then decide the best value for money as there are numerous brands on the market all vying for your custom.

Sometimes it’s not always practical to prepare a balanced meal, particularly if you are having 4-6 low carbs high protein meals a day. Substituting a weight loss shake instead of consuming junk food is a much better idea.

There are two types of shakes, meal replacement shakes and protein shakes. As the title suggests, meal replacement shakes are designed to replace one or two meals a day and are to help with losing weight. Protein shakes or smoothies are just protein and contain very little in nutrients and fat.

Weight loss smoothies, on the other hand are excellent for helping to lose weight because you can control the ingredients that go into them. Combining the right ingredients for a weight loss smoothie is simple.

Try using an avocado in a weight loss smoothie, it contains the right fat and plenty of vitamins and minerals. Using any type of berries will add loads of flavor and fiber while being low in sugar. If you are having a weight loss smoothie for breakfast, add some cayenne pepper. It will give your metabolism a kick start and it will reduce the consumption of fat and carbohydrates. It’s important not to add too much fresh fruit to any one smoothie as it will spike your blood sugar and may cause some digestive disorders.

Try not to use too many bananas as they are high in sugar. Apples and pineapples and mango’s make wonderful smoothies but too many of them won’t be good for your weight.

A weight loss smoothie should not contain ice-cream, added sugar, flavored syrups, cream and store bought honey. All these are guaranteed to put on weight not help you lose it.

A healthy weight loss smoothie can contain fresh fruit juice, frozen fruit, almond milk, coconut milk, chai seeds, homemade organic yogurt , spices and flax seed oil.

Consuming weight loss shakes for women and weight loss smoothies are excellent ways to assist in losing weight for the busy woman. A healthy one will contain plenty of nutrients, fiber, and a multitude of vitamins. They will work as a tool to help you lose weight but are best combined with a balanced diet of healthy food and regular exercise.

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