How To Build Lean Muscle

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how to build lean muscleWorking out at the gym a couple of times a week is alright if you want to maintain your physic, however working out how to build lean muscle requires more than a couple of workouts a week.

Building lean Muscle

Building lean muscle requires an increase in the consummation of calories; however caution is required as too many calories may lead to gaining fat not muscle.

Portion size

To ensure that the increase of calories doesn’t lead to the storage of fat in the body, portion control of your meals is essential. For an average sized person having 40-60 grams of protein and 40-80 gram of carbs for their meals is ideal for building lean muscle. Be sure to add healthy fats in your meals, such as fatty fish, nuts, and olive oil.


It is important to increase the size of your meal at breakfast as your body has been depleted of its nutrients after you night’s sleep and also increase the size of the meal after you have finished your workout so that your stressed muscles receives the nourishment to help them to recover. Nourishing your body with increased meal sizes at these times will encourage lean muscle growth and keeps the body fat levels down.


Muscles require a rest to allow them to grow. Try to work out every second day, however it is not wise to consume the same calorie intake on non-training days as you do when you work out otherwise you will discover that you have gained body fat and not muscle.

Muscle building foods

The consumption of the correct foods is important when you learn how to build lean muscle. Grass fed beef is essential for lean muscle building, due to the protein, iron, and zinc content.

Beets are also important for joint repair and liver function. Brown rice is a slow digesting grain that manages to keep you fuller for longer and is critical to boost your growth hormones, which is important in building lean muscle, gaining strength and losing fat.

Eating an orange before working out is also ideal for muscle growth and strength. Cantaloupe is an excellent fruit to have first thing in the morning and after working out as it is a fast digesting carb.

Eggs are another valuable source of protein that encourages lean muscle growth. All these foods washed down with organic milk will go a long way to building lean muscle.

Working out

When researching ways on how to build lean muscle, always remember that training every day is not the ideal way to achieve your goal. Rotate your workouts for every second day with the emphases on certain parts of your body each day. It is important to rest between sets, usually 2 minutes for upper body and 3 minutes for the lower body.

Listen to your body

It is important that you listen to what your body is telling about your workouts. Working out full pelt every day is not the answer on how to build lean muscle. Try working out every second day and be sure to get plenty of rest. Quality sleep of at least 8 hours every night is important for a healthy body.

If massage is your thing, then a deep tissue massage will be vital in your endeavor to build lean muscle. It will relieve any tension in your body and will help with your range of motion. One other thing on how to build lean muscle is to make a habit of stretching every night before going to bed.

If you stretch before working out you may find that you are a little weaker during your workouts and that would be detrimental to building lean muscle.

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