Zen Health FitnessThanks for stopping by our site ZEN HEALTH FITNESS. We decided to do this site for all the couch potatoes out there.  The people who don’t want to run marathons, who hate the cult of cross-fit (Actually we’ve done a few cross-fit classes), we are of the average people for the average people.

We believe that feeling healthy and being fit can be achieved, but as part of the every day grind we call modern life. Let’s face facts modern life is busy, we work more hours then ever before, we are engaged more socially then ever before (thanks Mark Zuckerberg), we try to do more with our time then ever before.

With two out of every three Americans are now considered to be overweight or obese (wikipedia), Its time to take a stand and say ” NO MORE” no more will we feel horrid, no more will we feel out of breath taking the garbage bins out, NO MORE feeling and looking like crap.

We want more energy, we want to feel better, we want to eat right, and actually exercise a moderate amount. That’s what ZEN HEALTH FITNESS is dedicated to, average people feeling better every day.