Is a Diet That Contains Fat Healthy?

Health Ninja : September 16, 2017 11:31 pm : Lifestyle, Nutrition

healthy fat dietHaving a weight problem all my life I’m always on the lookout for a solution to controlling my weight that would suit me. So when I was handed a book by my daughter recently that she had been given to read, I was intrigued to see that it was all about not worrying about having fat in my diet. 

Growing up on a dairy farm, there was a plentiful supply of fresh milk, cream, eggs, homemade butter, home cured meats, our own pork, chickens and beef, all slaughtered by my very hard working father. So I had grown used to a rich diet, not to mention that my mother was a very good cook and we dined well on the fat of the land.

However as I grew older the diet demons reared their ugly head. I wasn’t a slim person by any means, however I was healthy.

But as dieting became a fashionable thing to do over the years, everyone seemed to get on the band wagon and produce diets books that were “guaranteed” to help you lose so much weight in a short space of time.

So I too got on the band wagon and tried several diets, some more expensive than others, but as I’m not a very patient person when it comes to trying to lose those extra kilos’, I failed at every attempt.

 So after reading this book and researching some of the information that it contained, I came to the conclusion that the information in this book was simply what my life style was like, diet wise, when I was growing up. While I will never be a “Twiggy figure” I do want to be slimmer and healthy.

So I started to change my diet back to the type of foods that I had during my childhood. I am happy to report that I am having a reasonable amount of success with my weight loss and higher energy levels in the short time I have been allowing more fat into my diet.

Over the years the health experts have told us that fat in out diet makes us fat, causes heart disease and stroke. About 30 years ago we were all advised to reduce our intake of fatty foods from 40% to 30% and to swap saturated fats for margarine and polyunsaturated vegetable oils.

It is important to remember, however, that health recommendations come from organizations that are paid big money to promote their so called “advice”.

Some facts that most people aren’t aware of is that: You can eat as much fat as you want and never gain weight: You can eat as much saturated fats as you want and never gain weight: Saturated fats consumption does not cause heart disease.

There have been many studies show that the consumption of saturated fats actually protects us from heart disease. : Saturated fat does not affect our blood cholesterol levels: High levels of cholesterol do not put us at high risk for heart disease: In fact more than half the people with heart disease don’t have high cholesterol.

In addition low cholesterol is linked to depression, cancer and serious illness. Cholesterol is essential for healthy cell function, brain function and many other vital processes.

Research shows that cholesterol is not a deadly poison, but a substance vital to the cells of mammals: That your body produces three to four times more cholesterol than you eat; This production increases when you eat only small amounts of cholesterol and decreases when you eat large amounts: It seem that most t heart patients haven’t eaten more saturated fats than other people and  that stroke patients have eaten less.: High cholesterol is not a risk factor for women.

There are many cholesterol lowering drugs on the market and it seems that they are dangerous to your health and may shorten your life;  I have a friend who is on a pretty high dose of cholesterol lowering drug and he maintains that his memory is badly affected by this drug, but he is not keen to go off it s he is worried he will have a heart attack!

There are some who believe that we evolved to eat only plants and not animal products, and that a vegan diet is appropriate according to the human evolution. Our hunter gatherer ancestors have been studied extensively and found to be in excellent health.

When you really think about them, they didn’t have any modern conveniences like fridges to keep their food, so the only caught what they needed at the time and as they probably had to catch whatever they ate, they also gained plenty of exercise in the process of chasing down their food.

The fat content in their diet was between 28% to 58% scientists have discovered. As they usually only killed the fattest animals and ate the fattest pieces, their diet on the whole contained a lot of fat and very little carbohydrate was consumed In fact around 22-40 % as opposed to the modern western diet of more than 50% of calorie carbohydrates was consumed.

So fats are essential to good health. Quality natural fats like butter, coconut oil, animal fat and Omega-3 fats are essential for various reasons. Healthy cell-function is dependent on fat. Our cell membranes are full of saturated fat so when we don’t consume enough fat, the cell walls become soft and lose their integrity.

In my opinion butter is better to use, of course I am a little biased due to my upbringing. I fry some things in butter and don’t skimp on the use of it with vegetables and on bread. It is a great source of vitamin k2 which helps the body absorb minerals and also boosts the immune system by helping is absorb nutrients.

Coconut oil is also another healthy fat that is excellent to use in cooking. It may be an acquired taste for some but if you are able to use it for cooking; your cardiovascular system will love you for it. It is also used therapeutically for many different conditions with outstanding results. It assists with weight loss and helps burn excess body fat.

For a sample of a typical diet using fats: for breakfast try scrambled egg fried in butter with maybe a fried tomato, for lunch, a piece of chicken with salad in a wrap. Dessert may be a banana muffin with butter, and for dinner roast pork with the crackling and vegetables.

I have tried this way of eating and am happy to report I have more energy and I have lost weight as well. As I have only been trying this way of eating for a short time, I am unable to say if this will be a permanent solution for me, however all indications point to it being the solution I have been looking for, for years.

I never feel hungry and that dreaded time around 4pm is no longer an issue for me. So I think a sensible diet that contains fat and is  well controlled  is reasonably healthy, providing it is the saturated fat or “good fats” as the experts like to call it.

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Nutritional Secrets to Fitness Success

Health Ninja : August 6, 2017 2:18 am : Lifestyle, Nutrition

healthy cookingI had a discussion with friend today that had been pretty fit and healthy a few years back, but had let them self go.  The question they asked is where do they start on the road back ?.   Well nutrition is 80% of the answer,  So here are some of the nutritional secrets you .

So I thought we’d start you off with the basic tricks to making food delicious and light that you can learn! Here are some tried-and-true techniques for making dishes more nutritious without sacrificing an ounce of flavor.


Closely examine the original to identify where changes can be made. Look at each ingredient to see where you can take away, add, or substitute.


Try the recipe with half the recommended salt.


When plating, start with a smaller amount and see if that satisfies you.


 Aged cheeses like Parmigiano-Reggiano pack a punch, so less is required to build flavor.


As toppings, they deliver concentrated flavor.


Half the amount is often enough.


Doing so can reduce the crust’s fat, calories, and sodium by half.


Sometimes no-fat foods don’t satisfy. Try blending fat-free and full-fat varieties, which can reduce the fat and calories without sacrificing flavor.



They will distribute more evenly, allowing you to use less without sacrificing taste.

Opt for leaner meats, such as center-cut or loin meats and skinless, white-meat poultry.


A squeeze of fresh lemon or orange juice can help brighten the flavors of veggies and meats without added sodium or fat.

When you need oil, use canola, which has nearly half the saturated fat and more healthful, unsaturated fat than other oils.


Mash some of the beans in a chili or the potatoes in a chowder.  Opt for lower-sodium broths and no-salt-added tomatoes; always rinse canned beans in a strainer under cold water, which cuts sodium by up to 40%.

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HCG Drops For Weight Loss

Calories Fit : July 6, 2017 3:33 am : Nutrition

If you have been looking for a hcg drops overview, this article is what you need. Men and women have always tried to find ways to lose weight since the down of civilization. Most of us turn to exercise and food supplements to get rid of unwanted weight these day, being the reason that most of us are overweight or obese if that is the word. You must also know that only some weight loss supplements are able to deliver the results you are looking for.

HCG Drops

If you are looking for the sexy body that will give you the life that you want hcg drops is here to help you. In the following paragraphs we are going to talk a little bit about hcg drops and why it is considered a high quality weight loss product that delivers results in the market.

You need to know a little bit about the background of hcg drops. The raspberry fruit has been used by a lot of people owing to its health benefits. They say that this fruit has weight loss properties that is worth giving them a try. There are many weight loss products out there that use the raspberry fruit as the primary component in their formulas as weight loss supplements. There has been made many studies that show the effectiveness of the hcg drops compound to make a body lose weight.

The hcg drops compound provides you the same weight loss benefits that you will enjoy if you were to eat the raspberry fruit.

HCG Drops Review: How Safe and Effective Is This Product?

The target of the hcg drops compound is the cellulite of the body to dissolve it out right away. Every time you take a capsule of a hcg drops compound, this substance will look for the fatty areas of the body where there are lumps to liquefy them and release them out of the body.

One of the best things about the hcg drops compound is that while it burns fat, it acts as a food supplement feeding the body with essential nutrients it needs to do its tasks. This way, you will feel healthy and look good at the same time.
HGC Drops review
You might think that the hcg drops compound might be another so called weight loss supplement that is just promise and does not deliver results. However, there are a lot of studies that back up the product along with unbiased testimonials from past customers that will convince you that this weight loss product works.

One of the things that you need to keep in mind is the fact that exercise and a diet are important parts of any serious weight loss and workout program out there. If you want to shed off fat that you hate, you may consider the use of hcg drops compound as soon as possible. Hcg drops is here to stay, and you should also recall the fact that its background is the raspberry fruit which has a lot of health benefits besides helping you lose weight.

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Moving to Wheat Free Living 

Health Ninja : June 18, 2017 11:43 am : Nutrition

wheat freeWheat – it’s everywhere. This is the one thing people quickly discover when opting for a wheat-free diet.  Moving to wheat free living has more benefits then you think.

Wheat’s ubiquity should be of no surprise, however, when you think about our relationship to wheat and when it started.

We started eating wheat thousands of years ago, it was one of the first plants we ever learned to sow and harvest, it led to the growth of farming, of cities, of civilization itself. The planting of wheat then spread, from the Middle East across through Asia, and west through Europe and, eventually, the New World. It became, and still is, the staple food of millions upon millions of people throughout the world and is even tied to many religious ceremonies.

And yet, the actual scientific truth is, the stuff’s actually no good for us.

From the Pharaohs of Egypt to the Emperors of Rome, from the Crusader kings right through to Napoleon, the leaders of antiquity didn’t care about things like nutrition. Wheat was crucial because it could be grown in great quantities and feed lots of people.

It kept the peasants working, the soldiers marching and the machinery of state running.

It was the fuel which ran the world, wheat for the men, oats for the horses.

Then the industrial revolution came, which took the burden from the horses but which placed a heavier burden on the land to grow more and more wheat to feed more and more workers. And today, particularly with the massive growth of countries such as China, this process continues at an unprecedented pace.

In other words, don’t consider wheat a food consider it a fuel like oil or coal. We’ve been using it for years and gotten in the habit of consuming large quantities of it, it’s still relatively cheap and plentiful but, at the end of the day, it’s still toxic and, bit by bit, the stuff is slowly killing us.

Even if you don’t suffer from celiac disease you should still seriously consider giving up wheat. The fact of the matter is we simply cannot properly process the stuff – none of us. Removing wheat completely from your diet will therefore reduce the risk of various illnesses – including cancer.

So why are so many people still eating the stuff? Well partly it’s due to ignorance – people just don’t know how bad the stuff really is – partly due to habit though mostly, as mentioned earlier, it’s a cheap source of food and it’s basically everywhere.

When I walk into my local supermarket the first and last thing I see are wheat products. All those breakfast cereals that like to tell us how healthy they are, pretty much all the bread on the shelves, plus the pasta, the snacks, the processed foods – even a good lot of the meat and fish products – they’re made from, or with, wheat.

Trying to find products that aren’t wheat based, in other words, can be a real pain. Though is it really much pain compared to, say, bowel cancer? Healthy eating always means making sacrifices and there’s always going to be some degree of discipline involved, particularly when it comes to changing the habits of a lifetime.

Another excuse that’s commonly used is when people talk about the price of gluten-free (wheat-free) food. What, you mean like beans? Rice? Corn? Potatoes?

Yes it’s true, in the bad old days finding your favourite gluten-free foods was sometimes difficult, and, if you were buying from specialist health food shops, could also be expensive, the truth is today that most supermarkets, even the cheapest ones, all have an abundance of gluten-free meals and snacks. Other than that you just need to buy the same stuff you always bought; meat and fish (provided it’s not breaded), fruit and good, healthy vegetables.

Often times people don’t have a problem with the change of lifestyle and the initial inconvenience as one takes the time to learn which foods they should and should not be eating, nor do they find the change affects their pocket in any way. Instead, the problem many people have with going wheat-free is a social one.

See, we were raised to believe that wheat is good for us. Turn on the TV and at some point you’re bound to see a commercial come on for some bread or breakfast cereal where there’s a field of golden corn waving gently under a warm sun. What do most of us have for breakfast? Bread. What do most of us have for lunch? Bread. Maybe a sandwich with something in it, but, invariably, the bread is wheat-based. We might even think it’s whole wheat and therefore healthier, but in reality it’s like the difference between old-fashioned gas and unleaded.

When you’re on your own, however, you can maintain focus and discipline, staying away from certain foods, not eating in particular restaurants (like fast food places) and it’s all good until a social engagement arises which revolves around eating. This could be going out for a meal with friends, or going to a dinner party, or even just having a meal on a Sunday at your parents’ house. Suddenly you might well find yourself being questioned about your new eating habits, people might think they’re odd, or, even more socially awkward, that you’re being fussy!

That’s why, if at all possible, you should always tell people in advance, particularly if it’s a situation where somebody is preparing a meal for you. Of course this may not always be possible but still, instead of getting defensive, or worse, deciding to suspend your lifestyle choice, you should instead take the time to explain and, perhaps even educate, people about how and why you have decided to go wheat-free.

You don’t want to sound ungrateful of course, or preachy, nor do you want to put everyone to sleep, so just keep to the facts as much as possible. Remember a lot of people are still quite unaware as to the health risks that wheat can cause, so although you can’t expect everyone to embrace your new dietary choices, chances are you will cause many people to stop and think and, perhaps even consider following your example.

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5 Benefits of Eating Organic Food

Health Ninja : April 17, 2017 1:37 am : Nutrition

organic foodsThe Benefits of Organic Food

The popularity and adoption of organic food throughout the world has increased dramatically over recent years. The term organic refers to how agricultural crops are grown and processed. In order to label any product as organic certain requirements must be met by the farmer or producer.

Organic crops must be grown in good, clean soil, be free of genetic modification and must be planted separate from conventional crops. Farmers cannot use bio-engineered genes, synthetic pesticides or petroleum based fertilizers. Organic livestock, meanwhile, must be allowed outdoor access and be provided with certified organic feed. They also cannot be given growth hormones or antibiotics.

 Studies have indicated that organic food contains more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants, when compared to their conventional counterparts.

Also, people with food allergies to preservatives or other chemicals find that their symptoms lessen when they include organic food in their daily diet. Indeed organic food offers a variety of other benefits to people, some of which you may have already heard about, others you may not.

Reducing the Risk of Cancer

It is known that conventionally grown food contains fungicides. Fungicides are a potential cancer causing risk factor. The more toxins you have in your body the more likely your immune system becomes weakened resulting in a greater strain on your body.

Cancer cell formation is caused when healthy cells are duplicated with errors. It is possible that the consumption of harmful toxins can lead to such errors. Since such chemicals are not used when growing organic crops consuming organic food can lead to a stronger immune system, a healthier body and can therefore also help to reduce the risk of developing cancer in the future.

Weight Loss

Organic food is ideal for those looking to lose weight. Organic living in general is the ideal lifestyle to opt for when it comes to slimming down. If you learn to improve your eating habits your body won’t store harmful chemicals in the form of fat. People who consume conventionally grown food find it difficult to get rid of their excess fat because so many harmful chemicals are stored in the body over an extended period of time.

Organic food, on the other hand, has no such chemicals and so makes it easier to lose weight quickly. As organic food contains no pesticides or modifications it is easier for the body to digest. This results in a more efficient digestive system overall, allowing you to absorb vitamins and minerals easier and burn fat faster.

Nutritional Value

The modern world utilizes modern farming techniques and numerous chemicals to grow and produce food at a quicker rate. As the emphasis is generally placed on quantity, rather than quality, the nutritional value of foodstuffs suffers as a result.

Conventionally grown crops tend to loose many of the vitamins and minerals which are essential for the health of the human body. Organic food, on the other hand, is produced without any harmful chemicals and substances and, as it is unprocessed, does not loose any of the nutrients which are vital to your overall health. The more nutritional value your diet contains the more energy you will have, the healthier you’ll feel and the likely you will remain robust and healthy and enjoy a long and happy life.

Fewer Artificial Additives

Non-organically farmed livestock is exposed to many artificial chemicals and additives, including growth hormones and antibiotics. Additional artificial additives are again introduced after slaughter in the meat preparation and packing stage.

When farmers employ such methods it can often mean that the conditions are unhealthy and overcrowded, allowing diseases to spread quickly through the herd. Hence the frequent use of antibiotics. Organic meat, on the other hand, is grown differently and the livestock enjoy healthy, free-range living conditions.

Therefore with organic livestock farming, antibiotics are used only to treat specific ailments. This is in stark contrast to the non-organic method where animals are pumped full of antibiotics as a preventive method. After slaughter, when the meat is prepared, the color, texture and flavor are improved with the use of artificial additives.

Research has shown that many of these additives, including artificial coloring and sulphur dioxide, are harmful to one’s health. Organic meat, on the other hand, is reared naturally. The meat has a natural color, texture and flavor and requires no artificial enhancers.

Better for Children

Children are constantly growing, they have developing and immature organs, brains and an often-vulnerable immune system. This makes them particularly susceptible to toxins. Children reared on organic food have less pesticide residue in their urine compared to those eating non-organic foods.

A study conducted several years ago compared children living in two isolated villages nearby. One village routinely used pesticide in their farming, while the other didn’t. Aside from these farming techniques, everything else remained the same including genes, lifestyle, diet, culture and climate.

What the study found was surprising. Researchers noted a significant difference in the mental and motor abilities between these two groups. The children exposed to harmful pesticides scored at a lower level and showed an increased aggressive behavior than children who were not exposed.

Similarly, in the west, both adults and children are exposed to various sources of pesticides. In an Australian study done on breast milk, statistics found that infants were exposed regularly to several sources of pesticides, which were far greater than the recommended exposure.

In Canada, it has been found that there is a direct correlation between breast milk contamination’s by pesticides, which increases in infants the risk of otitis media.

So is organic food better, healthier? The answer is yes! Decreasing toxin burden while increasing the intake of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants will have a beneficial impact on one’s health; especially if you are trying to restore health.

Can people afford organic food? Official household spending in both the UK and Australia reveal that an average family spends exorbitant amounts on take-away, junk food, tobacco and alcohol compared to money spent on vegetables and fruit. So what people really need is a little bit of encouragement and education to begin living a healthier lifestyle.

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Apple Pear and Strawberry Juice

Health Ninja : August 24, 2016 10:28 am : Nutrition, Smoothies

apple pear strawberryIngredients

1 Small Granny Smith Apple
3 Small Ripe Pears
1 cup Strawberries, trimmed


1. Process Apple pears and strawberries through juicer.

Serve immediately and it serves 4.

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Think About Trying Bikram Yoga !

Health Ninja : May 3, 2016 10:05 am : Exercise, Nutrition

TYoga-Bikram-poseshere are many types of yoga,  I read something the other day about sexual yoga, but Bikram yoga tends to stand out from the rest. Even though the practice is largely the same, you’ll immediately notice the difference in the environment — the room in which Bikram yoga is performed is heated between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit!

Bikram yoga follows a consistent program, employing 26 various poses, each of which you practice twice during a session.

The poses flow as follows. You’ll start with Standing Postures, then progress to Backbends. Then you’ll practice Forward Bends and Twists. You will do the poses using the Kapalabhati Breath or the Breath Of Fire techniques, which are advanced techniques known for their energizing and cleansing qualities.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

The purpose of the heat in Bikram yoga is to help you ease in to a deeper, safer pose. The heat helps your body’s flexibility, making it easier to achieve better postures and making your overall practice more effective. Some of the poses you’ll do in Bikram yoga are quite challenging, and the heat will help you enter them more comfortably, and ideally get more out of them. Also, with the increased temperature, your body will sweat more readily, releasing more toxins from your pores. The heat also lowers your risk for injuries.

When you practice Bikram yoga, you aren’t simply stretching the muscles in your body. You’re also working and massaging the internal organs, which helps to strengthen and lubricate the body’s glands and improve the nervous system. With Bikram yoga, you’ll work and strengthen your muscles, joints and ligaments. All this work — especially with the help of Bikram’s specialized environment — helps to flush toxins out of your body and provides the kind of exercise your muscles crave.

Can You Stand the Heat? Get Into the Kitchen!

Aptly named, this yoga practice was developed by Yogi Bikram Choudhury, who first began his yoga practice at the age of three, then studied yoga for a long while with the renowned physical culturalist, Bishnu Ghosh. Together they developed this form as one of the ultimate ways to help the body through series of especially challenging stretches and poses.

It goes without saying that the Bikram beginner requires a skilled instructor to get started, as these poses are more challenging than some. The high temperature is also key to the process. As a result, more than other forms, you’ll need to take instruction at a yoga school or some of the higher end fitness clubs.

You can easily learn more about Bikram yoga to any of the on-topic books available on the Web. You’ll find that Bikram yoga offers a wide range of challenging poses, and many people find it a wonderful way of widening their yoga experience. If you’re ready to branch out and try something new, be sure to try Bikram yoga.

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The Value of planning a weeks’ worth of meals

Health Ninja : January 6, 2016 11:23 am : Nutrition

mealsThere is immense value in planning and preparing a weeks’ worth of meals in advance if you have a busy lifestyle. The first thing to be done is to plan the menu for the week so that you are able to create a grocery list.

If you are a keen cook, then browsing through recipe books or on the internet for nutritious recipes would be helpful. Decide the protein that you wish to use for your meals and choose the vegetables that you desire then armed with the list of ingredient for your weekly meal plan, take the time to go and shop for those ingredients.

It is an idea to prepare as many vegetables as possible once you return from your shopping trip, chop onions and carrots, grate zucchini ready for a quick stir fry wash and dry the lettuce. Bag the prepared products and store in the fridge.

Grating cheese is an advantage as it is useful for taco’s or lasagne, and it will store well in the fridge. Meals are a lot easier to prepare if you have a well-stocked pantry. Be sure to have the basic sauces and condiments that enhance many dishes.

 Sometimes the weather plays a part in what you feel like to eat in cooler weather, so the value of planning a week’s worth of meals If the prediction is for cooler weather pays off especially if soup may be the thing to gets your taste buds fired up. A slow cooker is a wonderful way to prepare hearty nutritious soup that will last a couple of meals. Soups will freeze so if you find there is extra to your requirements for the week, freeze the leftovers and that will give you a head start on another week’s meal plan.

The value of planning a weeks’ worth of meals will benefit if you vary your menu a little, prepare a few of your favourites dishes but also be adventurous and try out new recipes that are easy to prepare and will freeze well. That way you won’t get bored with the same old thing week in week out. You may be comfortable with theme nights during the week, such as pasta night, fish nights, chicken night or beef night. If

you decide on pasta for Monday night, make sure you balance that out the next night with a nutritious meal that contains vegetable or salad. When making the sauce for pasta, double the quantity so that there is enough for another dish.

Sunday night dinner may be roast night, so if you are cooking a chicken, try cooking two, so that you have one ready for sandwiches and salads through the week. While the oven is on why not prepare and cook a lasagne dish using the extra sauce It will store in the fridge and will be ready for another meal during the week.

Purchasing pre-cut vegetables, although a little more expensive is a time saver as they are able to be added to a meal quickly to allow you to have a meal on the table in a short space of time.

When cooking casseroles, double the quantity and freeze the extra ready for a meal later in the week. Be careful not to overload the freezer or refrigerator as it is too easy to push a prepared meal to the back and then it’s forgotten. If you wish to be super organised, list all the prepared food and place the list on the refrigerator door to remind you what is in there.

The value of planning a weeks’ worth of meals is particularly beneficial to a busy working wife and mother and to singles who struggle to have a work and social life balance. Planning a weeks of prepared meals in advance will save money and allows more time for relaxing.

 A sample of two nutritious meals

 Roast Chicken Noodle soup.

1 cup chopped onion, 1 cup chopped carrot, 1 cup chopped celery,2 teaspoons olive oil, 1 clove garlic, ¼ cup all-purpose flour, ½ teaspoon dried oregano, ¼ teaspoon dried thyme, 6 cups reduced sodium chicken broth,4 cups peeled cubed potato,1/4 teaspoon poultry seasoning, 1 teaspoon salt, 2 cups cooked diced chicken breasts,2 cups yolk free noodles, 1 cup fat free evaporated milk.

 Sauté the onion, celery and carrot in oil until tender, add the garlic, cook for a further minute, stir in flour, oregano, thyme, and seasoning until blended. Gradually add the broth, potatoes and salt, once it has begun to boil, reduce the heat and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Stir in the chicken and noodles and simmer for a further 10 minutes. When ready to serve add the milk but do not boil. Serves 8.

Spiced Braised Beef with Sweet Potatoes;

½ lb chuck steak cut into chunks, 2 sweet potatoes cut into ½ inch thick rounds, 2 large potatoes peeled and diced, 1x 15oz can tomatoes,1 red onion cut into wedges,1/2 cup dried apricots,2 teaspoons ground cumin, 2 teaspoons ground ginger, ½ teaspoon cinnamon, ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper, 1 ½ cups couscous, 1x150s can chick peas rinsed, 11/2 ozs baby spinach, ¼ cup chopped roasted almonds.

In the slow cooker combine all the ingredients except, the chickpeas, the spinach, couscous and almonds. Cook on high for 4-5 hours or on low for 7-8 hours. 1o mi utes before serving prepare the couscous as per directions on the packet. Add the chick peas to the cooker and heat through for 2-3 minutes, stir in the spinach and serve with couscous and sprinkle with almonds.

N.B. If you wish to freeze this dish omit the spinach and couscous. Cool to room temperature and divide into the appropriate servings. Will freeze for up to three months. To reheat, thaw in the refrigerator overnight. Cook in a cover pot for 20 -30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Stir in the spinach and serve with couscous.

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Do You Know What A Healthy Fat Intake Is ?

Health Ninja : November 30, 2015 9:53 am : Nutrition

healthy fat intakeWe want to share this information, which  is aimed at helping you to reduce your fat intake. The average individual eats too much fat, a factor that’s linked to a variety of health problems, including cancer.  Diets that are high in fat are associated with breast and colon cancer, with some studies linking high fat to prostate cancer as well.

The majority of people can bring their fat intakes down to a healthy range by making a few adjustments in the way they shop, cook, and prepare the foods they eat.

Now days, it’s getting easier and easier to control the amount of fat you consume. The fat content of foods are now available through the nutrition label and through brochures distributed by food companies and even fast food restaurants, yes MacDonalds shares this information as well..

You can use this information on nutrition to choose lower fat foods by comparing products and food brands. Once you have a rough idea of what a healthy intake of fat is, you’ll know what you can and what you can’t have.

From day to day, the amount of fat you eat will vary. Some meals and some days will be higher in fat than others. Even high fat meals can be kept in line with healthy eating as long as you balance
those days accordingly. The average fat intake over the course of weeks and months is important, not the fat intake of every meal and food you consume.

Younger adults and high active adults who have higher calorie needs can probably eat a little more  fat. Older adults and those that aren’t very active should aim for a lower fat intake. This way, you can control your fat intake and avoid the many problems that fat is associated with.

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Weight Loss Shakes For Women : Weight Loss Smoothie

Health Ninja : November 24, 2015 8:42 am : Nutrition

weight loss shakes for womenWeight loss shakes for women contain protein powder and for many women the thought of a protein shake conjures up an image of body building. Fortunately that is not the case with weight loss shakes.

Designed to help control the appetite weight loss shakes came in many flavors and helps recover from a vigorous workout, repairs muscles and suppresses the appetite. For many years shakes were associated with body building, they now have a place in the dieter’s life as a convenience food.

Weight loss shakes for women contain protein powder, usually soy or whey, which is a product of a cheese making process. Different flavors are added to make it more palatable when mixed with water. A dietary guide as to how much protein women should consume a day is around 46 grams. Protein shakes usually contain around 40 grams, so while they are beneficial, it is important to still have a healthy high protein diet.

Women who have a busy lifestyle find that using weight loss shakes is a healthy and nutritious way to increase their protein intake. Unfortunately there isn’t enough fiber in a shake to be beneficial so combining the shake and a healthy diet is recommended.

As in most things in life, there are pros and cons, so too is it with weight loss shakes. They are designed to be consumed as a substitute for one meal a day, sometimes two; however it is important to eat quality food from the basic food groups during the day as well.

Weight loss shakes are designed to help keep your energy levels up and helps to keep you feeling full so that you don’t consume too many calories in a day. In theory, using shakes to replace some meals, cuts down on the consumption of too many calories, therefore you should lose some weight.

The shakes come in large containers, designed to last a few weeks and they can be quite expensive. If you are contemplating using weight loss shakes for women, first work out how much you are prepared to spend on them and then decide the best value for money as there are numerous brands on the market all vying for your custom.

Sometimes it’s not always practical to prepare a balanced meal, particularly if you are having 4-6 low carbs high protein meals a day. Substituting a weight loss shake instead of consuming junk food is a much better idea.

There are two types of shakes, meal replacement shakes and protein shakes. As the title suggests, meal replacement shakes are designed to replace one or two meals a day and are to help with losing weight. Protein shakes or smoothies are just protein and contain very little in nutrients and fat.

Weight loss smoothies, on the other hand are excellent for helping to lose weight because you can control the ingredients that go into them. Combining the right ingredients for a weight loss smoothie is simple.

Try using an avocado in a weight loss smoothie, it contains the right fat and plenty of vitamins and minerals. Using any type of berries will add loads of flavor and fiber while being low in sugar. If you are having a weight loss smoothie for breakfast, add some cayenne pepper. It will give your metabolism a kick start and it will reduce the consumption of fat and carbohydrates. It’s important not to add too much fresh fruit to any one smoothie as it will spike your blood sugar and may cause some digestive disorders.

Try not to use too many bananas as they are high in sugar. Apples and pineapples and mango’s make wonderful smoothies but too many of them won’t be good for your weight.

A weight loss smoothie should not contain ice-cream, added sugar, flavored syrups, cream and store bought honey. All these are guaranteed to put on weight not help you lose it.

A healthy weight loss smoothie can contain fresh fruit juice, frozen fruit, almond milk, coconut milk, chai seeds, homemade organic yogurt , spices and flax seed oil.

Consuming weight loss shakes for women and weight loss smoothies are excellent ways to assist in losing weight for the busy woman. A healthy one will contain plenty of nutrients, fiber, and a multitude of vitamins. They will work as a tool to help you lose weight but are best combined with a balanced diet of healthy food and regular exercise.

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