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50-Healthy-Ways-to-Lose-Weight-001jpgCrash dieting is not one of the most healthy ways to lose weight, as it ends up making you gain weight in the long run because it becomes boring and you go back to the old habits that made you overweight in the first place. To be really successful at losing weight and keeping it off you have to change your eating habits and be prepared to make it a change for life.

Our lifestyles are causing us to be obese as we are not as active as we were many years ago. We take the lift instead of the stairs, we drive instead of walking or cycling, that results in us not doing enough exercise to burn off the amount of food we consume. There are other factors that cause us to gain weight, emotional eating, snacking at night and eating out socially. All these can be overcome with will power and determination.

Our bodies use food for energy but if we consume too much food then it gets stored as fat. So the key to success is to only consume what our bodies really need. Combine that practice with daily exercise and the excess fat will no longer be a problem. All this is good in theory but putting it into practice requires discipline and the desire to succeed.

It is important to eat a balance diet from all of the food groups. They are wholegrain breads and cereals, fish, dairy, vegetables, fruit and lean meats. Never ever skip a meal as that is likely to lead you to overeat at the next meal. Take the time to have a good quality breakfast and if you go to work daily, make a salad with some salmon or tuna to take with you. Even eating hard boiled eggs are now classed as one of the healthy ways to lose weight. Healthy snacks between meals can help keep you going until the next meal.

Introducing healthy ways to lose weight gradually is the best option. Combining exercise with a balanced diet is important. But don’t all of a sudden decide to go running for miles when you haven’t done much exercise lately.

Start by walking around the block and increase the distance gradually when you feel that you are able to do so comfortably. There may be aerobic classes at the local gym that might suit you, try swimming or jump on that bike that’s been sitting in the garage for months and go for a ride. Every little bit of exercise that you do is going to help you reduce your weight safely and give you a better chance of keeping it off.

Changing your bad eating habits gradually will enable you to stick to your resolve for life. One of the healthy ways to lose weight is to swap some of your bad food habits for good ones. Have water with your meals instead of sweet drinks or alcohol. Swap cakes and biscuits for fruit and vegetables. Cut out the sugar in your tea or coffee. Never go back for seconds, no matter how much you have enjoyed the meal. Grill your fish, meat and chicken instead of frying it.

Combine the meat with high protein vegetables and leafy greens. Portion control is very important. Use a smaller dinner plate because you can’t fit as much on it therefore you will eat less. Keeping a food dairy is an excellent way to work out where you may be going wrong.

Don’t be disheartened if at the end of a week you haven’t noticed any changes. It all takes time but patience is the key Motivation may be hard to sustain at times as some days the diet will go out the window. That is quite a normal reaction, but the main thing is to get back on track as soon as possible. Once you discover that your clothes are feeling looser on you then that motivation will kick back in again.

One of the best healthy ways to lose weight is to have a high protein diet, with large quantities of fiber and be sure to have five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. The consumption of unsaturated fats is important in your diet as we need fats to have healthy skin, hair, tissue repair and protecting our internal organs. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Add spice to your meals, not only to give them added flavor, but to help burn off those calories.

If you eat a balance diet, exercise regularly, make sure that you have plenty of sleep and avoid fad diets then you will find that that is the secret to finding healthy ways to lose weight.

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