The Secret Best Exercise To Lose Weight

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Best exercise to lose weight

Best exercise to lose weight

For people that want to lose weight, they always want to know the secret. Whether it’s the latest diet fad, or the last abs blast method, or the best exercise to lose weight, it’s always the same question – “what’s the secret ?”

Well you get to know what the secret is right now, there is no secret, there is no next best diet, there is no best exercise. its always the same answer, the secret is its your life style.

Recent visit to the Doctor

A friend of mine Shayneo, was complaining about being stressed, anxious and the fact that he felt very unhealthy, fat, and just generally unhappy with life. He went to the doctor and asked the same question “What’s the secret to feeling better” and yep you guess it, the doctor told him, “Its your lifestyle”.

Take all the pills you want, at the end of the day it’s your lifestyle, how you manage it. And by manage it, I mean nutrition, exercise, it’s how you manage your time every day.


So what’s the best exercise to lose weight, well there is no such thing. There is so many different exercises you can do, from walking, jogging, swimming, gym, Crossfit, the list goes on. The real secret is to find what you enjoy doing and allocate time to it every day.


There are so many different diets, supplements, out there on the market , It really can get over whelming. The over riding factor, is eat clean, eat simple, and 5 – 6 small meals per day. and you won’t go to far wrong.

So what are you going to do now

If you want to get a little fitter, and a little healthier, maybe you want to run a marathon or maybe it’s just feeling a little better when you’re playing with your kids.  Make a start, start small but start. Maybe its just some small change to your diet, maybe its just going for a walk. What ever it is START.

So there you go, the secret best exercise to lose weight, sorry there isn’t one, it’s a lifestyle choice.

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