How To Gain Muscle Fast

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Gain Muscle Fast, It can be hard to gain muscle, but to gain muscle fast requires some concessions, such as cutting down on running to allow your body to gain some fat and build muscle.

High-intensity workouts are a successful way to gain muscle fast. If you are new to the concept of gaining muscle fast it would be a benefit to use a personal trainer to start you on the right track.

gain muscle fastA 30 – 4  5 minutes high-intensity workout at least 3 times a week is a great way to start to build those muscles. During that workout routine try lifting as much weight as you are able with 3 to 4 sets of 8-10 reps, without putting down the weights.

Alternate the muscle groups

It’s important not to work for the same muscle groups every time. If you do that on your quest to gain muscle fast, you will end up damaging some of your muscles. Try working on your chest, triceps, and biceps with the first workout, then on the next one focus on your legs. Work your chest again and abs during the third workout.

By alternating the muscle groups in your quest to add muscle, you avoid reaching a plateau. To avoid this problem add more weights each time you do your routine. Keep an eye on your progress and if you feel that there hasn’t been much muscle gained, then consider changing the exercise routine.


It is important when you seek to add muscle mass that you eat high-calorie foods. Nutritious whole foods that will give your body the fuel to build up muscle fast. To have your muscles grow and look defined then eating the right whole foods from every food group is essential, foods that are rich in protein such as salmon, steak, pork, eggs, and chicken.

Avoid foods that are high in sugar, bleached white four products, and Tran’s fats as they are all low in nutrition and will build fat instead of muscle.

It is important to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables to help you gain muscle fast. It may sound a little crazy but to be successful in your endeavor to gain muscle, you should eat more than you would normally do as your body needs the fuel to build muscle. Try to eat at least 5 meals a day to fuel your body while you’re in the process of building muscle.


While it’s important to consume a range of whole nutritional foods while you’re working to gain muscle fast, sometimes a protein supplement shake is alright to have occasionally, however, it’s important not to rely on them too much as your body is better off with nutritional food.

Stay hydrated by drinking water, and avoid sugary carbonated drinks. If you are deadly serious about wanting to gain muscle fast then avoid alcohol as it tends to lower your energy levels and dehydrates you.

It is essential to factor in plenty of rest times as your body needs to build muscle without burning off a lot of calories so make sure you get adequate sleep when you work out to gain muscle fast.

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