50 is the new 30 when you are Exercising

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Premature ageing is almost certainly related to our diet and la50 year old exercisingck of exercise, but guess what ?  It’s possible to stop if not reverse the process by changing our eating habits.

How to make 50 the new 30

Food ( Nutrition )

By eating a good first class protein two to three times a day, for example eggs, meat or poultry you will be able to keep yourself young and vibrant.

While fish is also a good protein it does contain heavy metals and other contaminants caused by us continuing to pollute our environment.

Eliminating sugar and keeping carbohydrates to a minimum will all help to maintain a healthy diet.  By using natural fats and coconut oil we are able to keep our skin cells plump and healthily hydrated.

Some people look a great deal older than they really are and usually this is caused by their eliminating healthy fats from their diet as well as not drinking the adequate  amount of water that we should all drink in a day.

By cutting down on using natural fats we tend to increase the use of sugars and carbohydrates. Most low fat foods contain a high concentration of sugar and this helps us to age more quickly.

Some inflammation in our body is often caused by excess of sugar, starch and other poor quality carbohydrates by reducing the collagen production. As a result of increased sugar intake the skin on our face starts to wrinkle and sag and it loses the tone we all had as a child. It just doesn’t affect our face but the whole of our body.

Consuming too many grains will tend to make us fat as it acts like a sugar in our blood, thus causing us to look older than we really are. It is essential to eat plenty of protein for the cell regeneration our bodies require.

We are unable to store protein in our bodies, so it is important to consume a good quantity of it, because if we don’t then the body leeches protein from itself, causing loss of muscle.


Exercise is still important when you follow a healthy diet. However strenuous exercise is not as necessary as one would presume. Sometimes low impact exercise and using some weights at least twice a week is equally effective.

Using weights is not only excellent to tone up the body while dieting it is a great way to keep our bones strong. Particularly as we age it is important to have strong bones to eliminate broken bones from falls, which happen to the elderly quite frequently.

If we continue to exercise we may stay younger and if we minimize the sugars and grains in our diet, then we will achieve a lovely toned body which in turn helps us look younger.

It is boring, but its a healthy lifestyle, that will get you their in the end.  Start eating better, exercising more, and reverse the clock.

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