5 Of The Easiest Fast Weight Loss Tips

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Fast weight loss tipsFast loss weight tips are just that, tips! If you are really serious about losing weight, then for a start you must be prepared to change the way you eat and exercise. Take a before photo and put it on the front of the fridge to remind you each time you go to open that door why you wish to lose weight.   Here are 5 of the easiest fast weight loss tips to get you started:

Put The Scales Away

Put away the scales for a start, because most people stress if they haven’t lost any weight when they jump on the scales each day and that spirals them into eating food that isn’t healthy for them. One of the best fast weight loss tips is to keep a food diary. Write down everything you eat in a week and at the end of that time analyze just what you have eaten that wasn’t really any good for you.

Portion Control

Controlling the amount of food that you eat is key to success. A fast weight loss tip is to use a smaller plate when serving up your food. Naturally a smaller plate won’t allow you to have excess to what you should be consuming.

Liquid Calories

Cutting down on liquid calories is another smart fast weight loss tip. Beer, soft drinks, cordials and wine all contain sugar and are fairly high in calories. Don’t deprive yourself completely of your favorite beverage; just replace a high portion of it with water that may be flavored with lemon, lime or cucumber to take away that flat taste. It helps to fill you up and takes the edge off your hunger.


Breakfast is the most with important meal of the day one of several fast weight loss tips is to make sure you consume a high protein breakfast. Eating breakfast every morning helps with concentration and memory but most importantly of all it helps keep you full for longer so you’re not tempted to snack on the wrong food groups.

Keeping Busy

One of the best fast weight loss tips is to keep busy. It is amazing how many people eat because they are bored or lonely. If you think you want to eat something, why not mow the lawn or wash the car. Try drinking a glass of water or sniff a banana or an apple, it may sound crazy but it is effective.

Keep carrot and celery sticks in the fridge so that you can snack on them rather than eating chocolate. Eat six small healthy meals during the day in preference to 3 big meals.


Getting a good night sleep is essential to weight loss. There are two hormones that basically control our weight.

Ghrelin which stimulates hunger

Leptin is the hormone that is produced when we eat and shuts down the hunger center.

Studies have shown that people who only manage to have 5 or fewer hours of sleep a night have a higher Ghrelin hormone, which stimulates the craving for carbohydrate enriched foods.

An excellent fast weight loss tip is to not deprive yourself of the foods you enjoy, just eat them in moderation. Try changing one bad habit a day. If you have a coffee break mid-morning and enjoy a few biscuits or cupcakes, forgo the food and just have the coffee. Once you’ve mastered that try drinking water instead of coffee.

Above all the best fast weight loss tips is to exercise every day. Just going for a walk will help burn up those calories. Consistency is important, if you push yourself to get into a routine then it becomes an enjoyable habit every day.

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