You Are Going To Need To Exercise For Weight Loss

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So you want to lose some excess weight! Well, that is a positive start to becoming a healthier you. Before you begin doing any exercise for weight loss, you need to plan a workout routine and stick to it. It will become easier over a period of time to stay on track and you will automatically do it without even thinking about it.

exercise for weight loss

How to Plan a Workout Routine

  • Decide what is going to be the best time for you to work out, some people prefer to start their day with exercise, while others feel the end of a working day is a way for them to relax. It is a personal choice when you want to exercise for weight loss.
  • The most important thing is to be sure you are ready to start exercising and are prepared to commit time and effort to it. Start your exercise program by setting small goals for yourself, as that is a great way to give you focus and keep you motivated on your journey to exercise for weight loss.

Breaking A Workout Routine Down

Warm Up

It is important before starting any exercise routine that you warm your body up first. There is no gain in starting immediately in any vigorous routine unless your muscles are warmed up, that’s a recipe for disaster as you are likely to pull a muscle and that will set back your plan to exercise for some time.

One of the best warm-up exercises is to simply run on the spot for 30 seconds. Touch your toes to stretch your muscles.

Exercise without a gym

There a many exercises for weight loss that can be done without having to go to a gym. Purchase a skipping rope and try skipping for a period of time, rest then repeat. Cycling is another good fat-burning exercise to help lose weight, particularly if you cycle up hills as well as on the flat ground.

Try doing burpees for 30 seconds at a time, rest and repeat. Start off by doing 5 repeats then as you become fitter increase the reps.


Is also an excellent way to burn off those calories and helps in conjunction with exercise for weight loss. Just make sure that you have a pair of comfortable sneakers to wear and that you run in a safe environment. An hour of running will burn off around 600 calories.

A good game of tennis is another way to burn 600 calories over an hour. You rarely see a fat tennis player!

Step aerobics

Try it for 45 minutes will burn an average of 550 calories and is an excellent exercise for weight loss. It targets the hip, bottom, legs, and core muscles, as well as helps your coordination.

Squats also help firm the core muscles. When doing squats be mindful that your knees don’t protrude past your toes Try doing three sets of six push-ups.

All of these suggestions to exercise for weight loss will work, however eating a sensible diet is also important. There is no point in exercising if you’re going to visit the closest takeaway and indulge in the wrong food.

A balanced diet and exercise is the best way to lose weight and tone your body.

So long as you keep moving and elevate your heart rate you will burn fat, and will be successful in your journey to exercise for weight loss.

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