5 Weight Loss Gimmicks to Avoid Under Any Circumstances

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5 weight loss gimmicks to avoid under all circumstancesThese days, people seem to think that there is an easy fix for everything. This is obviously not the case. If you want to lose weight, you might be attracted to the prospect of losing all that extra fat through gimmicks that claim not to take that much time at all. However, you would be falling prey to a rather dangerous trend, one that is best avoided! This is because weight loss gimmicks can really harm your body as they are unnatural. Here are five weight loss gimmicks that you should avoid at all costs.

Weight loss pills:

Proponents of these pills claim that they can really aid weight loss by boosting metabolism or reducing hunger. The problem here is that the hormones inhibited in your body by these pills is necessary for a number of other factors too, and there is a chance that you might end up becoming malnourished if you use these pills to lose weight quickly.


People tend to think that if they take laxatives they are going to lose weight quickly. While it is true that your weight is slightly lower after you poop, this is not because of fat burning. You are still going to be at the same weight, but if you take too many laxatives you might end up getting severe muscle cramps or your body might end up becoming incapable of pooping on its own, which is a situation that might require surgical intervention.


This is a new trend that people think will make them extremely healthy. The truth is that getting a detox is actually pretty dangerous, because these diets deprive you of essential nutrients that it needs in order to keep it functioning at maximum capacity. You end up losing weight on these diets because you are malnourished, not because you are actually cleansing your body of any toxins. Avoiding such diets is absolutely essential because otherwise you are going to end up getting quite sick.

Corsets and Waist Trainers:

These are one of the most dangerous weight loss devices out there, and another problem with them is the fact that they aren’t effective at all. In fact, you would be better served just doing nothing at all, because these weight loss aids only give your body the appearance of having lost weight. Your body gets into a certain shape but it does not stay that way, and while you have it on your internal organs are going to be under a great deal of pressure which can cause severe damage to your system in the long run.

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Body Wrapping:

This is a process by which your body’s water content is reduced which supposedly leads to weight loss. While you do end up losing weight, most of it is water weight which is necessary for you to survive. Using this technique can result in serious dehydration which leads to headaches, stiffness and even more serious issues.

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