WOD #48 – Workout of the Day

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If you have found this post, and are wanting to try the latest workout of the day.  WOD #48 is a short workout designed for intermediate fitness levels.  If you are new to working out, these types of sharp intense workouts are designed around the CrossFit style of exercising. Please take your time, gradually increasing your intensity will help achieve the results you want.

WOD #48

Workout of the Day – WOD #48

a) 15 minutes to find your heaviest Thruster

Rest 5 mins

b) Complete for time

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of

  • Thrusters 30/42.5kgs
  • Pull-ups

That’s it for this Workout of the Day.  Click the link if you want to try other workouts. Don’t judge yourself too hard if you can’t get the time right.  That’s the great thing about health and fitness you are up doing something, that means you are improving.

What are WOD’s

A WOD is short for the workout of the day.  The term became popular with the CrossFit style of exercising.  But in reality, a WOD can be any type of exercise you do any day.  From a walk on the beach to a gym weights session.

There are so many, amazing fitness sites and fitness apps now on the market you really can get your inspiration for a workout anywhere.

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