The Push-Up Challenge

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pushupsThe Juarez Valley Pushup Challenge actually evolved out of the jail system, this workout will really test your resolve, it provides a great “pump” and is a hell of a lot of fun.

Enter Juarez Valley

The Juarez Valley Pushup Challenge consists of ascending and descending repetitions in an alternating fashion. The repetitions are performed in descending order on all odd-numbered sets and on even-numbered sets, reps are performed in ascending order until they finally meet in the middle.

A Juarez Valley 20 looks like this:

Set 1-20 Reps
Set 2-1 Rep
Set 3-19 Reps
Set 4-2 Reps
Set 5-18 Reps
Set 6-3 Reps
Set 7-17 Reps
Set 8-4 Reps
Set 9-16 Reps
Set 10-5 Reps
Set 11-15 Reps
Set 12-6 Reps
Set 13-14 Reps
Set 14-7 Reps
Set 15-13 Reps
Set 16-8 Reps
Set 17-12 Reps
Set 18-9 Reps
Set 19-11 Reps
Set 20-10 Reps

Between each set, walk eight feet across your “cell”, keeping in the spirit that this routine evolved out of the penitentiary.

Time: 10 minutes

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