The Magic of Blueberries

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We all have heard or read about why we need to eat fruit and vegetables everyday, but we want to take a harder look why some things stand out above the rest.

The University of price Edward Island found in a small study they did.  That blueberries may help lower blood sugar levels and insulin resistance.

The study was made of overweight men at risk of developing heart disease and diabetes that drank one cup of wild blueberry juice every day for three weeks. Their blood sugar dropped by about 10 per cent, and their insulin resistance also fell compared with that of control group participants who drank a placebo.

The study co-author Dr Marva Sweeny reckons that the benefits may come from the effect the fruit’s high levels of anthocyanins has on the pancreas. (The pancreas regulates blood sugar by producing insulin.) Frozen wild blueberries offer the same benefits as juice. Farmed blueberries also contain anthocyanins but not as much.

So here’s a Zen nutritional tip, try incorporating berries into your diet regularly, its very easy to do , when you try to make them into smoothies.

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