5 Must Have Fit Tech

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Fitness can be high tech, so for all you nerds that think Wi-Fit is the only way to get fit, try these 5 must have fit tech. Doesn’t matter if ts biking, swimming, running you can find a gadget that can help you.

Swimming laps ? Let your watch handle the maths. This watch recognizes your stroke on any given lap and tracks your distance, pace and number of lengths.
This premium, handheld GPS is the ultimate kit for hikers. Includes a 2.3 megapixel camera, 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter.
Never get lost again with this rugged, handheld GPS. Loaded with a worldwide base map, barometric altimeter and electronic compass. Perfect for paperless geo-caching.
Record your time, speed, distance and elevation whenever you get on your bike. The built-in sensor enables you to connect to compatible heart rate and cadence sensors. Upload your stats to third party websites like Strava.
For cycling enthusiasts this is like a personal fitness trainer on your handlebars. A wireless heart rate monitor helps you pedal at the optimal speed for your fitness level while giving real-time updates on almost every aspect of your ride.

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